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P.O. Box 12958, Centrahil
Port Elizabeth 6006
South Africa
047-861 NPO  PBO NR: 930017835
TRUST: IT332/2012

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Giving back

Since his release from prison during early 2010, Asanda Klaas has been hard at work registering his own Non-Profit Organization in order to give back to his community in Queenstown some of the knowledge and skills he gained while incarcerated. Along with two other ex-offenders and three older ladies from the community, they started an organization that reaches out to their community with life skills programmes and motivational talks under the guidance of NICRO and the Department of Social Development. Their clothes-making business is already underway to raise some funds for all the plans they have. This is so encouraging, since Asanda specifically contacted Maritsa to let her know that she (and the programmes she presented to him in prison) inspired him to start his own NPO of this nature. At the same time it is also very exciting, because it provides us with evidence that our intervention philosophy (which proposes that investing deeply into the lives of individuals will yield a much greater harvest than just that one changed life in the end; even going beyond our city and range of personal involvement to bring change to groups and communities of people) is definitely working!! 

Let the children come

Jesus loved the little children and told his disciples to let them come to Him. This is exactly what Sebastian (an ex-offender) and Sharlene Steyn are trying to do in their community of Gelvandale lately – to let the children come to Jesus. Since they got married in October 2009, they felt a desire to reach out to those around them, and so they started ministering to the children in the area by opening their little home to children wanting to hear bible stories from the children’s bible we bought for them, or who just need someone to talk to. Now Sebastian has taken it one step further by also reaching out to the teenagers and gang members on the streets, and by conducting "open-air crusades" around Gelvandale and Helenvale on a weekly basis. After faithfully serving the Lord for so many years they have experienced their share of trials and temptations, but their consistent faith and obedience is opening the way now for God to perform mighty miracles in their community…

Radical change

Similo was an active gang member during his many years of incarceration. In fact, his behaviour got so bad that he had to be removed from the regular maximum prison at St Albans and be sent to the super-maximum prison in Kokstad for two years of solitary confinement... During that time, he started to correspond with Maritsa and began searching for the meaning of life. She sent him a copy of Rick Warren's "Purpose-driven LIfe" book to read and ministered to him through her letters. Upon his return to Port Elizabeth he was transferred to the medium security prison where he gave his life to Jesus. Since his release at the end of 2009, he has proven himself to be a solid man of God. He is actively involved in his local church, he volunteers with a group who ministers to homeless people on the streets and he obtained permanent employment at Makro in their furniture department. During 2013 he took it one step further by registering his own company who is now sub-contracted by Makro to deliver and install any furniture products purchased from the store. Only the living God could have taken Similo from gangster to business man in this way, and it has been a privilege for us to play a small part in his journey!! 


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