Damascus Crime Prevention Services From crime to Christ

P.O. Box 12958, Centrahil
Port Elizabeth 6006
South Africa
047-861 NPO  PBO NR: 930017835
TRUST: IT332/2012

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  • Pray for the school children to be protected from harm in the areas where they live, that they'll be strong to say no to drugs, gangs and crime, that they'll be serious about their studies so they can pass their exams, that no more children will drop out of school, and that they will have hope for the future.
  • Pray for the continued success of our school programmes so that more and more previously at risk young men can learn to become responsible, productive members of society.
  • Pray that gangsterism will decrease in the prisons in order for there to be true and lasting peace, that the prison officials will have wisdom in how to deal with challenging situations, and that the prisoners will have remorse for their actions in the past while volunteering to participate in all the positive programmes available in the prison.
  • Pray for our continued access to inmates in Correctional Centres so we can reach them with the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ; enabling them to be transformed from the inside out, and to become living examples of God's grace and ability to change absolutely anyone's life forever.
  • Pray for the parolees who have been released from prison, especially those who were released very recently, that they will all find jobs, that their families and communities will accept them back into their midst, that they will be good fathers for their children, and that they'll be good examples of true and lasting change through the power of God.
  • Pray for the members of Damascus Crime Prevention Services to have ever-increasing vision and passion for the work they have been called to do, and that they will receive much wisdom to help all those in need of their assistance.
  • Pray for Damascus Crime Prevention Services to receive all the funding that is needed for the organization to grow, to expand, and to achieve its goals for the future.  

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