Damascus Crime Prevention Services From crime to Christ

P.O. Box 12958, Centrahil
Port Elizabeth 6006
South Africa
047-861 NPO  PBO NR: 930017835
TRUST: IT332/2012

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Damascus Crime Prevention Services, a Non-Profit Organization and Trust based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, was founded in 2005 by the current chairperson (Maritsa Appollis, who is also a qualified social worker) and a group of volunteers who had already been involved in this kind of outreach work for many years, with the aim of addressing the serious crime-related issues facing our South African society. As an organization, we believe in a holistic approach to dealing with crime and as a result we are structured in such a way that we simultaneously render crime prevention services on three different levels. This three-phased approach is encapsulated by our slogan:

1. Prevention: we target “at risk” young people in crime-ridden communities, because statistics show that the offenders in South Africa are becoming younger and younger. Using positive life skills programmes and community projects, we aim to prevent these young people from turning to a life of crime.

2. Transformation: we assist in the rehabilitation of offenders (youths and adults) in various prisons through a variety of intervention programmes; believing that if offenders are personally transformed while in prison, it is less likely that they would turn to crime again after their release.

3. Reintegration: we provide support services to ex-offenders immediately following their release from prison in order to facilitate their successful reintegration into society; thereby preventing them from turning back to crime in the future.
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Damascus Stone Creations is an income generation project for our organization, since all proceeds go towards funding our various crime prevention programmes.

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